Connor Baldwin: Varied Interests

Connor Baldwin, recently graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with his Bachelor of Arts degree, having double-majored in English and History. Connor Baldwin loves to ski and played lacrosse in high school and enjoys reading and cooking.

Connor-BaldwinConnor is committed to his health by remaining physically active and eating nutritious food. Connor Baldwin enjoys watching football and following politics and enjoys spending time with his dog, Gus.

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Connor Baldwin: Top Reasons You Should Study Abroad

Connor Baldwin recently graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with his Bachelor of Arts degree. Like many college students, he took advantage of his school’s study abroad program, landing an internship in 2011 in Milan, Italy. Studying abroad provides students with several unique opportunities, providing them the chance to grow academically, personally, and professionally.
Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider spending a semester studying abroad.

  1. You can participate in the daily life of a new location, giving you the chance to gain first-hand knowledge of a new culture and an expanded appreciation for different people.
  2. You can learn a new language. When you surround yourself with native speakers you are afforded the opportunity to become immersed in the language. This can improve your retention and fluency.
  3. Studying abroad can allow you to explore your own heritage and ethnicity. Minorities who study aboard in the country of their family’s origin benefit both personally and academically.
  4. Employers value candidates with international experience. Studying abroad gives you the chance to expand your skills and abilities, which can set you apart from other applicants.

Before making your final decision on whether to study abroad, it is important to carefully weigh your options. Connor Baldwin spent a semester in Milan, Italy, enhancing both his verbal and written communication skills.

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Connor Baldwin: Lacrosse Basics

Connor Baldwin is a former lacrosse player who co-founded the Baldwin/WConnor-Baldwinhite Lacrosse Day Camp to help children between the ages of eight and twelve develop their talents. Lacrosse originated in Native American communities and was used for training tribal warriors. In the early years of the game, more than a thousand years ago, there were often thousands of players battling for victory.

The object of lacrosse is simple, each team fights to shoot the ball into their opponent’s goal. The winner at the end of the game is the team who has the most goals. The stick used in the game is called a Crosse and is used to catch, pass, and carry the ball down the field, with the intention of keeping the opponent from gaining possession of the ball.

Connor-BaldwinEach lacrosse team consists of ten players. There are three attackers, three midfielders, three defendants, and a goalkeeper. There are two types of sticks, “short” and “long.” There can be no more than four players on a team, excluding the goalkeeper, that can carry a long stick. The solid rubber ball is propelled down the field and must cross the goal line fully to count as a goal. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Connor Baldwin played lacrosse through high school and helps younger players develop their skills to become better players.

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Connor Baldwin: Why You Should Get Custom Ski Boots

Boulder, Colorado resident Connor Baldwin is an avid skier and outdoorsman. While attending the University of Colorado, Boulder, he spent time as a salesman at Christy Sports, where he became a certified ski technician. As a ski technician, he works with many people to find the right gear. When it comes to skiing, the boots are the most important piece of equipment and can make or break your experience. Custom-fitted ski boots have three huge advantages.

  1. You will notice better skiing. With custom-fitted boots, you will find that you turn better and have more control.
  2. They will be more comfortable. This means that your feet will not only feel better, but you will experience less fatigue. This translates to being able to complete more runs, better skiing, and experiencing less soreness by the end of the day.
  3. Custom-fitted ski boots will keep your feet warmer. Along with having better foam for insulation, your feet will keep warm because the blood supply to your feet won’t be affected as they often are in off-the-rack boots.

Your ski boots are the most important piece of equipment you can own. Getting custom-fitted boots will vastly improve your experience on the slopes. Connor Baldwin, a certified ski technician in Boulder, Colorado has helped numerous people fit the perfect fitting ski boots.

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Connor Baldwin: How to Start Hiking

Connor Baldwin is a diverse professional who lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. When he has free time, he enjoys hiking nearby trails and being near the outdoors.

If you’d like to become an outdoors enthusiast like Connor Baldwin, hiking is a good place to begin. Tips like those below will help you start your new hobby:

  • Start Small. Hiking doesn’t need to be intense, especially for a beginner. A thirty-minute hike up the beginning of a nearby trail can provide many of the same benefits with less risk. Look around, find a trailhead and walk, if even for just a quarter of a mile.

Small hikes are ideal for beginners, as you won’t need to invest in special gear to walk thirty minutes from the beginning of an easy trailhead.

  • Find a Group. Look for nearby beginner’s hiking groups to start exploring the hobby with support. Not only will you make new friends, but you don’t have to worry as much when you’re hiking with other people.
  • Take a Survival Class. Though hiking can be fun, easy and inexpensive, it can also be dangerous. Any time you are in the wilderness alone, you are facing challenges and dangers that are not present in your daily life.

Taking a local survival class for beginners will give you the skills that you need to survive, should anything happen. Knowing how to build a fire, find shelter, locate food and get home safely is a must if you wish to hike often.

If you start small, hike with other beginners and learn the skills that you need to survive in an emergency situation, you can create a solid foundation for a life of hiking. You’ll be scaling mountains and keeping up with seasoned outdoor enthusiasts like Connor Baldwin soon enough.

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Connor Baldwin: Easy Ways to Stay Close to Nature

Connor Baldwin is a Boulder, Colorado, businessman whose education and career keep his schedule busy. Still, though, he carves out time to hike, ski, play outdoor sports and otherwise stay close to nature.

Immersing yourself in the outdoors, as Connor Baldwin does, relieves stress, reduces depression and gives you energy. If you don’t get enough outside time, easy activities like those below will help you stay close to nature:

  • Fishing is a relaxing, easy way to connect with nature, and it’s great for those whose joints or lifestyles don’t allow for hiking or nature walks. Many fishing spots allow you to drive less than ten minutes away from the shore so that you can set up, hopefully catch dinner and head home without physical stress. Sitting quietly and waiting for a bite is what it’s all about – don’t focus too much on whether you catch something.


  • Sitting in nature is sometimes all people have time or energy for. There’s no equipment or exercise needed, you can easily drive to a park or scenic spot and sit. Take in your surroundings, listen to the sound of nature, watch the birds and appreciate the world, if even just for five minutes.


  • Simply driving is a relaxing activity to many, but a drive down a scenic road steps up the benefits. Go slow, appreciate the horizon and take in nature as much as you can, even if it’s just on your way to work. If you want to take it up a notch, consider cycling instead.

Connor Baldwin

Don’t try to match avid outdoorsmen like Connor Baldwin if you’re just adding a connection to nature in your routine. Take it slow and do what makes you happy, the rest will come in time.

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Connor Baldwin: How Home Cooking Could Boost Your Career

Connor Baldwin is a Boulder, Colorado, professional with years of experience and a passion for the outdoors. Connor Baldwin is also an avid home cook, despite a busy schedule. By taking the time to cook, professionals indirectly devote time to enhancing their career success.


Home cooks like Connor Baldwin spend time in their kitchen for many reasons. Some are born to cook, others choose a culinary profession, but many simply enjoy benefits like improved health and lowered stress levels. Several of the benefits of a home cooked meal improve your mind and body, thus boosting your career.

  • Stay Healthy. There’s a reason doctors and nutritionists recommend that you cook from home to lose weight and maintain your health. When you cook from home, you control the quality (and quantity) of ingredients in your food, allowing you to eliminate excess sugars, fats and processed grains when possible. Furthermore, home cooking rarely calls for the stabilizers, dyes and preservatives present in processed products.

As you cook more meals from home and eat fewer processed foods, your waistline may shrink while your energy levels reach new heights.


  • Reduce Stress. Cooking is a relaxing activity that, when taken slowly, can relieve stress from a difficult day at work. Though it might be quicker to order a pizza, cooking your own foods gives you time to focus on the task at hand and put aside your daily stressors.

In addition, cooking can inspire creativity, give you a new appreciation for food, increase your happiness and bring you closer to loved ones. The added nutrients in whole, healthy ingredients amplify these effects.

Remember: Home chefs like Connor Baldwin don’t obsess over their careers as they cook – in fact, doing so could cause excess stress and reduce the benefits of your time in the kitchen.

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