Connor Baldwin: Easy Ways to Stay Close to Nature

Connor Baldwin is a Boulder, Colorado, businessman whose education and career keep his schedule busy. Still, though, he carves out time to hike, ski, play outdoor sports and otherwise stay close to nature.

Immersing yourself in the outdoors, as Connor Baldwin does, relieves stress, reduces depression and gives you energy. If you don’t get enough outside time, easy activities like those below will help you stay close to nature:

  • Fishing is a relaxing, easy way to connect with nature, and it’s great for those whose joints or lifestyles don’t allow for hiking or nature walks. Many fishing spots allow you to drive less than ten minutes away from the shore so that you can set up, hopefully catch dinner and head home without physical stress. Sitting quietly and waiting for a bite is what it’s all about – don’t focus too much on whether you catch something.


  • Sitting in nature is sometimes all people have time or energy for. There’s no equipment or exercise needed, you can easily drive to a park or scenic spot and sit. Take in your surroundings, listen to the sound of nature, watch the birds and appreciate the world, if even just for five minutes.


  • Simply driving is a relaxing activity to many, but a drive down a scenic road steps up the benefits. Go slow, appreciate the horizon and take in nature as much as you can, even if it’s just on your way to work. If you want to take it up a notch, consider cycling instead.

Connor Baldwin

Don’t try to match avid outdoorsmen like Connor Baldwin if you’re just adding a connection to nature in your routine. Take it slow and do what makes you happy, the rest will come in time.

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About Connor Baldwin

Ever since he was in elementary school, Connor Baldwin was a physically active individual. He tried out numerous sports, including football, and arguably his favorite, lacrosse. In addition to these leisure activities, he became an avid skier, exploring some of the most exquisite skiing locations that Colorado has to offer. Being physically active and pursuing different sports became a very important part of his personality.
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