Connor Baldwin: Common Mistakes Lacrosse Players Make With Their Sticks

18 Jan
Connor Baldwin: Common Mistakes Lacrosse Players Make With Their Sticks

Connor Baldwin is a talented lacrosse player who has lent his services as a coach and counselor to a number of children’s teams during his career. Proper stick manipulation is crucial to success in lacrosse, however, those who are new to the sport often struggle with this aspect of the game. This leads to a number of blunders, of which the below are amongst the most common.

Connor Baldwin


Players need to keep their sticks under control at all times. However, novices often find themselves overreaching in an effort to keep up with play, which is both exhausting and makes them more prone to injuries. Focus on reading the game and don’t stretch when you know you won’t be able to keep up with the flight of the ball.

Connor Baldwin

Using a Large Stick

There is no room for arrogance in a lacrosse team, as the focus should be on working together to achieve a common objective. A number of lacrosse players, particularly younger ones, try to play with adult-sized sticks in an effort to develop their skills and show they are talented players. Alternatively, they may have larger sticks than they can handle due to having equipment passed down to them. Avoid this by understanding the stick that best suits your body type.

Not Being Safe

Again, control is a major issue when it comes to your stick. Swinging it around or otherwise failing to keep it under control could make the game dangerous for you and your fellow players. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t be irresponsible with your stick.

Connor Baldwin is an experienced volunteer lacrosse coach.

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