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Connor Baldwin: Traits a PR Representative Must Have

Connor Baldwin currently works in public relations for a mountain sports company, which allows him to combine his personal passions with his working life to great effect. He understands that those who work in PR must have a number of qualities in order to be successful in the role, identifying all of the following as traits you must have if you want to work in public relations.

Connor Baldwin

Strong Communication Skills

Much of your job is going to revolve around communicating with other people, be it media outlets or business partners. As such, you need to be able to convey your point on a confident manner, demonstrating your knowledge of the industry while also making the effort to build relationships with the people you come into contact with. These relationships can then be used to the advantage of your company somewhere further down the line.

A Multitasker

Public relations is a challenging industry that requires you to maintain a varied skillset, much of which will be called upon on a regular basis. As such, you need to be able to work on multiple tasks at the same time, ensuring that everything related to the company continues on the right path. From speaking to the media through to introducing new products and handling a crisis, you must be able to apply your skills in a variety of ways and work on whatever is needed of you, whenever it arises.

A Thick Skin

Connor Baldwin notes that many people fail to make headway in the public relations industry because they unable to deal with the flack that often comes with the role. There will be times when you receive criticism for ideas that you have or campaigns that you want to run. Just remember that this is a part of the industry and not a reflection on your skills.

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Connor Baldwin on Photographing the Bison

According to public relations professional Connor Baldwin, the Bison is a native animal of British Columbia that he loves to photograph. This stately beast, a member of the bovine family, is sometimes referred to as a buffalo. There are two versions of bison that are native to the region, the Plains Bison and the Wood Bison. Both species can reach an astounding seven hundred twenty-five kilograms, and they live for as many as forty years. Even though the bison is quite large, it can move very fast. Scientists and wildlife experts have clocked the bison moving at speeds up to fifty-five kilometers per hour.

Though they are a member of the bovine family, the bison does not bear too much resemblance to the cow or steer. These graceful creatures are covered in shaggy brown fur, with an abundance of the coat crowning the head and shoulders similar to a lion’s mane. The bison has shorter legs than many bovines, but their large humped back makes up for the height loss. Petite black horns adorn their faces, near the eyes, and are used solely for defense. Their eyesight is somewhat poor, through their sense of smell and hearing rivals many other animals. The female bison, referred to as a bison cow, has a smaller neck that is more cylindrical. The male bison, or bison bull, has a large blocky neck and overall more size than the female.

Connor Baldwin says that photographing the bison is not difficult if you know where and when to look for them. As they eat grasses as their primary diet, any areas with an abundance of grass are a great place to start. Fortunately, the bison does not have any trouble finding food, even in the harshest winter months. They have the ability and strength to sweep their heads back and forth over the snow, much like a broom, to find the grass that is hidden below.

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Exploring the Avian Community of Vancouver with Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin, a public relations and media agent in Vancouver, is very familiar with the many species of birds that live in the area. Part of his job entails photographic safaris where he spends his days and nights trying to capture the best images of the native Vancouver wildlife. He states that there are many migratory birds that call Vancouver home each year, though there are a specific eight species that can be found nearly year round in the region.

The Blue jay and the Great Blue Heron are two great examples of Vancouver birds. These species are incredibly common, and can be viewed throughout most of the year. The Blue jay, which is not actually blue in color, but just appears so to be by the human eye, is an aggressive species that is not often skittish around humans. The Great Blue Heron, is the largest heron found on the North American continent, and is often more gray in color than blue.

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin

Canadian Geese and Pacific Loons are also prevalent in the area of Vancouver. Both of these bird species flock in the thousands around the region to nest and lay eggs each year. The Canadian Goose is proprietary, and will lay eggs in the same nest each year, commonly using the exact nest that they were hatched in themselves. The Pacific Loon is a very sociable bird, and does not shy away from having its photograph taken.

The four larger predatory bird species that Connor Baldwin gets to capture on film are the Peregrine Falcon, the Spotted Owl, the Snowy Owl, and the Great Bald Eagle. While these four are harder to spot and photograph, they are definitely worth the wait and patience. Baldwin always appreciates the chance to take pictures of these majestic birds each year.

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Connor Baldwin Discusses the Bears of British Columbia

As a media and public relations agent for the Canadian Province of British Columbia, Connor Baldwin has spent many years photographing the bears of the region. There are two distinct species of bear that are native to British Columbia, the Grizzly Bear and the Kermode Bear. Each of these bear species are unique, and important to the wildlife and ecology of their habitat.

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin

The Grizzly Bear, or Ursus arctos horribilus, is the second largest land based carnivore in all of North America. It has a life expectancy of twenty years, and the average male Grizzly Bear can reach an astounding three hundred fifty kilograms. While there are many bears that have the same brown coloring as the Grizzly, these are easily spotted due to their anatomy. The Grizzly Bear has a large hump or protrusion on its back, near the area of the shoulder blades. This mass of tissue and muscle helps to support the enormous front legs of the bear. Other distinctive characteristics of the Grizzly Bear include a concave snout, extremely long claws, and poor eyesight. Though dark brown is the most commonly viewed fur color, the Grizzly can be any shade from ivory to nearly black.

The Kermode Bear, also known as the Ghost Bear or Spirit Bear, is a cultural symbol for the British Columbia Province. This white bear is actually a black bear that carries a recessive gene. Both of the Kermode Bear’s parents must carry the gene for their offspring to have the white fur. At times, the Kermode Bear will appear very white and furry, especially after having just shed its yearly coat. Connor Baldwin says that as time passes each year, the bear gets dirty from living in the wild and eventually starts to look more brown or dingy.

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