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Connor Baldwin: Advice For Making A Marriage Work

Connor Baldwin is a family-oriented man who enjoys a wonderful marriage with his wife. Together they share their lives with their two children and are committed to continually strengthening their union for the good of their family. Over the course of their marriage they have developed some handy pointers that should help newlyweds or people who are struggling in their relationship to get over any hurdles and continue to enjoy a strong marriage.

Connor Baldwin

Always Communicate

Your marriage will head towards troubled waters as soon as you stop communicating with your partner, so always make sure that you speak to them openly and offer them the opportunity to do the same. If you hold back what you are feeling you may find that smaller issues start to grow over time until they become major problems. Furthermore, if you don’t communicate often your partner may feel that you don’t trust them enough to talk to them.

Have Individual Interests

As wonderful as it is to spend time with your spouse, it is also important to remember that each of you needs to spend a little time apart engaging in your own interests. This will allow you to maintain your own sense of identity within the marriage, while also giving you the chance to have some time to reflect on issues that you have. Don’t spend too much time apart though, as it is important to maintain a good balance where your partner still comes first.

Do The Little Things

Just because you are married, it doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on the little things that make a relationship so much fun. Make sure to spend time around each other and show affection. Consider organizing a date night once a week to make sure that you do something together. Even small gestures like a kiss on the cheek or holding your partner’s hand can go a long way.

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Connor Baldwin: Tips For Novice Kayakers

Connor Baldwin loves to spend as much time as he can in the great outdoors, which is one of the many reasons why he is delighted to work in a career that allows him to do just that. One of his biggest passions in life is kayaking and he believes that few activities can offer the same adrenaline rush. He is always happy to talk about the sport with people who want to give it a try and has the following advice to offer to novices.

Learn To Paddle

It may seem like a really basic skill but you aren’t going to get far in the world of kayaking if you don’t learn how to paddle correctly. You need to understand what to do if you want to turn and how to keep yourself at a steady pace before you start tackling any difficult kayaking expeditions. Your body is always going to be in motion while your kayak is, so make sure you maintain your fitness levels and practice constantly so that you stay in control.

Dress For The Water

While it is important to wear weather-appropriate clothing, you also need to ensure that this clothing is okay for a pursuit that is going to see you taking a spill into the water sooner rather than later. Make sure that you wear layers of clothing that dry quickly so you don’t have to spend too much time feeling uncomfortable if you do end up taking a spill.

Connor Baldwin

Learn How To Rescue Yourself

Capsizing your craft will be unlikely if you are kayaking on calmer waters, but as you start exploring the sport more it is likely that you will try more difficult courses. Connor Baldwin recommends learning how to quickly exit your kayak should it capsize. In fact, make it one of the very first things that you learn so that you don’t find yourself stuck and in danger.

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Connor Baldwin: Tips For Novice Rock Climbers

Connor Baldwin is an outdoorsy person and there are few things he enjoys more than getting out into the mountains in Vancouver, British Columbia and enjoying a little bit of rock climbing. He believes the sport offers a challenge while also being great for maintaining your physical fitness, so he is always keen to recommend it to people who have never tried it before. If you want to give it a go, consider all of the following before you start your first climb.

Start Indoors

If you are completely new to the sport it is not a good idea to start out by climbing outside, even if you are accompanied by somebody with plenty of experience. Your body is going to need time to adapt to the challenges that you present to it, plus you will need to spend time understanding your own physical limits. As such, practice at an indoor climbing gym, as this will give you a taste for the techniques that you will need to use while also being much safer.

Connor Baldwin

Always Climb With Another Person

Once you feel confident enough in your abilities to head outside it is important that you take every safety precaution possible. Do not feel that the skills you learned when climbing indoors will transfer over perfectly, as you will now need to start accounting for issues such as wind or inconvenient climbing surfaces. Novices should never attempt a climb without being accompanied by somebody with far more experience.

Use Your Whole Body

Connor Baldwin has seen a lot of novice climbers try to just use their arms to pulls themselves up. However, climbing is a sport that challenges every part of your body, so make sure to keep your core strong and use your legs to push off, so that you don’t place all of the burden on your arms.

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Connor Baldwin: Traits a PR Representative Must Have

Connor Baldwin currently works in public relations for a mountain sports company, which allows him to combine his personal passions with his working life to great effect. He understands that those who work in PR must have a number of qualities in order to be successful in the role, identifying all of the following as traits you must have if you want to work in public relations.

Connor Baldwin

Strong Communication Skills

Much of your job is going to revolve around communicating with other people, be it media outlets or business partners. As such, you need to be able to convey your point on a confident manner, demonstrating your knowledge of the industry while also making the effort to build relationships with the people you come into contact with. These relationships can then be used to the advantage of your company somewhere further down the line.

A Multitasker

Public relations is a challenging industry that requires you to maintain a varied skillset, much of which will be called upon on a regular basis. As such, you need to be able to work on multiple tasks at the same time, ensuring that everything related to the company continues on the right path. From speaking to the media through to introducing new products and handling a crisis, you must be able to apply your skills in a variety of ways and work on whatever is needed of you, whenever it arises.

A Thick Skin

Connor Baldwin notes that many people fail to make headway in the public relations industry because they unable to deal with the flack that often comes with the role. There will be times when you receive criticism for ideas that you have or campaigns that you want to run. Just remember that this is a part of the industry and not a reflection on your skills.

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