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Connor Baldwin: How Home Cooking Could Boost Your Career

Connor Baldwin: How Home Cooking Could Boost Your Career

Connor Baldwin is a Boulder, Colorado, professional with years of experience and a passion for the outdoors. He is also an avid home cook, despite a busy schedule. By taking the time to cook, professionals indirectly devote time to enhancing their career success.

Connor Baldwin

Home cooks like Connor Baldwin spend time in their kitchen for many reasons. Some are born to cook, others choose a culinary profession, but many simply enjoy benefits like improved health and lowered stress levels. Several of the benefits of a homecooked meal improve your mind and body, thus boosting your career.

  • Stay Healthy. There’s a reason doctors and nutritionists recommend that you cook from home to lose weight and maintain your health. When you cook from home, you control the quality (and quantity) of ingredients in your food, allowing you to eliminate excess sugars, fats and processed grains when possible. Furthermore, home cooking rarely calls for the stabilizers, dyes and preservatives present in processed products.

As you cook more meals from home and eat fewer processed foods, your waistline may shrink while your energy levels reach new heights.

Connor Baldwin

  • Reduce Stress. Cooking is a relaxing activity that, when taken slowly, can relieve stress from a difficult day at work. Though it might be quicker to order a pizza, cooking your own foods gives you time to focus on the task at hand and put aside your daily stressors.

In addition, cooking can inspire creativity, give you a new appreciation for food, increase your happiness and bring you closer to loved ones. The added nutrients in whole, healthy ingredients amplify these effects.

Remember: Home chefs like Connor Baldwin don’t obsess over their careers as they cook – in fact, doing so could cause excess stress and reduce the benefits of your time in the kitchen.

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Connor Baldwin – Tips for New Ski Instructors

Connor Baldwin is a certified ski technician, which means he has had the opportunity to help many who are new to the sport find the gear they need to be successful on the slopes. It is recommended that novices seek out the services of talented instructors to help them on their way. If you are an instructor who wants to offer the best services to your clients, keep the below in mind.

Connor BaldwinKeep Learning
While your certification demonstrates that you know enough to help others develop their skills, you should not fall into the trap of thinking you know everything there is to know about the sport. Your aim as an instructor should be to build on your knowledge base, so talk to others and watch plenty of footage in an effort to get better.

Be Concise
Skiing novices will likely want to get out on the slopes as quickly as possible, which means they often won’t have the patience for laborious lessons that skirt around the main points. Keep that in mind when teaching new skiers and try to cover everything they need to know as succinctly as possible. Being concise in instruction also means there is less room for misinterpretation.

Learn Your Slopes
It is likely that you will work on the same slopes for a number of years, so you want to learn as much about them as possible. You can then use this information to help your students, particularly in terms of telling them about slopes that are suitable for them and pointing out potential obstacles.

Connor Baldwin is a certified ski technician.

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