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Wildlife Native to Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, British Columbia is home to a large variety of wildlife. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting wildlife that are native to this Canadian province.

Connor BaldwinThe Kermode Bear – known for its white fur, this bear is actually a species of black bear. The white fur is caused by a recessive gene, similar to the one that causes blue eyes in humans. These bears only reside in the temperate rainforests off the coast of British Columbia in Canada. Like black bears, they hibernate during the winter. They also shed their thick white fur each spring. Their diet consists of plants, berries, and the salmon that are plentiful in the streams around their habitat.

The Canada Lynx – these interesting cats look like a large housecat on stilts. They have broad faces, long legs, and fur that resembles a beard. They have broad, flat paws that are well-adapted to walking in the snowy areas in which they reside. They are normally found in forested areas all across Canada. They are very territorial and the males are often only seen among other lynxes during mating season. Not swift runners, they mostly hunt at night and use stealth to catch their prey. That have natural predators, but their biggest threat is from trappers who prize the cats for their fur.

The Wolverine – wolverines are not actually related to wolves at all. Their closest relatives are weasels. They have tiny eyes and short round ears and a small round face. Though small, these creatures have powerful jaws and claws that they use for hunting and scaring away predators. They live in remote tundra regions and forests, preferring to stay secluded. Opportunistic eaters, they will hunt mammals as small as mice to as big as caribou. Often, instead of hunting, they will try to scare away larger predators like bears in order to score a meal.

Connor Baldwin lives in Vancouver, BC where he takes an active interest in the native wildlife of the area. He works in public relations for a mountain sports firm

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Differences Between Mountaineering and Rock Climbing

To the inexperienced, the difference between rock climbing and mountaineering might seem murky at best. After all isn’t climbing a mountain just another form of rock climbing. The difference between the two is important for practitioners of these two disciplines, however. Here is a quick highlight of some of the key differences between rock climbing and mountaineering.

Connor BaldwinRock climbing has seen a rise in popularity as a means of staying fit and having fun. Many outdoor areas are starting to include maintained rock climbing areas as part of their attractions. In addition, many cities have started to spring rock-climbing gyms, giving rise to an entire division of the sport only practiced indoors. With so many different ways to practice this popular sport, it is no wonder that so many are starting to pick it up as a means of recreation.

Mountaineering, on the other hand, is a much broader discipline that explores a much wider range of skills. In general, any activity that takes place on a mountain is a form of mountaineering. This includes mountain biking, rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, and hiking as well as the specific practice of mountaineering. As far as the specific sport of mountaineering, this is the practice of scaling or summiting the peak of a mountain or mountain range. This includes wide-ranging skills from rock climbing, orienteering, survival skills, endurance, and ice climbing.

Connor Baldwin is a public relations agent with an interest in mountain sports and mountaineering in and around the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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The History of Mountain Sports

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin

The history of mountain sports is not something that people consider very frequently. However if you think back to the dawn of time and what must have been the first person to venture out and go out into the mountains, it is obvious for those that love the mountains to understand. Jumping forward to more recent developments in the world of mountain sports and activities, many people have ventured into the mountains to hike, fish, ski, and other classic mountain activities for many decades. Sports have taken on a modern flare with the introduction of bicycles, which are designed and specialized for mountain terrain and courses. Gear such as hiking packs, specialized tents, radio equipment, snowboarding equipment, and many other indicators of mountain sports evolution have become apparent in recent decades.

Today there are many rock climbers that have taken on a sport that was once a very rarely found activity, but is now taking on an entire culture and following on its own. Mountain sports continue to evolve and you can be sure that in the future there will be further advancements in the things that people can do in the mountains because for many, the opportunity to be close to nature and be in the outdoors is alluring. Connor Baldwin is a long time outdoor adventurous that has offered travel services and trail guidance for people over the years. He has enjoyed a variety of sports in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest including kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking for many years.

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The Joy of the Trail

There are many great outdoor activities for people to enjoy, and one of the most popular communities out there is that of mountain biking. One thing that people love about non-biking is the aspect of getting out to the wilderness and having a pleasurable experience. There are those that argue that mountain biking takes more physical and mental effort can road biking. It takes a lot of concentration to write out on the trail and a tremendous amount of balance to navigate some of the most difficult trails that are out there. When you compare it to road biking, mountain biking has a lot of advantages. The air up and out among the trails is very clean for one, and you are not sharing the road with vehicles that are spewing fumes. There is also the aspect of not having to share the road with vehicles when compared to road biking.

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin

We have all passed bikers on the side of the road as we travel somewhere and if you put yourself in the position of the biker who has experienced tons of steel hurtling down the road at freeway speeds just inches away from their handlebars, then this advantage becomes pretty obvious. Non-biking also offers quite a bit of solitude and peacefulness. The trails lead to remote and peaceful places where one can commune with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Connor Baldwin is a mountain bike rider that has written a long some of the best courses that cover the entire Pacific Northwest. He enjoys this style of bicycling for a number of reasons, but he particularly enjoys the aspects of nature that are accessible to him.

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Reasons to Love Kayaking

There are many reasons that people enjoying the sport of kayaking. It is something that people are very passionate about, so it is important to provide a culture of safe and high-quality instructions in addition to many reasons for loving the activity of kayaking. Kayaking allows people to be close to nature and it also allows people to travel as well as take insights that are only accessible to the very few that do this activity. This is also a very social activities that can be done with friends and can build friendships and memories that last a lifetime kayaking is also great exercise and it is aerobic in nature mixed with upper body condition. People also enjoy the relaxing aspects of stress relief that day experience in a day out on the water.

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin

In the summer, kayaking is very popular because it is a way to stay cool and avoid the heat. It is also an activity that is open to participants of all ages and does not discriminate. It is important for a beginning kayaker to learn some of the basics and that includes stressing for the water and not the weather water temperature is something that must be accounted for and layers of quick dry clothing are ideal for an adventure. Additional items such as sunglasses, hats and sunscreen are highly recommended for people to bring along. Connor Baldwin is a long time kayaker, and he has a tremendous amount of experience in the Rocky Mountains and rapids all along the Pacific Northwest. One of the best pieces of advice that he offers is to select a boat that is appropriate to your experience in the activity.

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Connor Baldwin – Family Time is the Best Time

Busy professionals might find a bit of a challenge in balancing their personal time with their families along with their professional careers. It is an ideal situation that is elusive to many, but one thing that is undoubtedly true is the ability to make choices that will allow individual to stay connected to their community, family and work situations at the same time. One of the unfortunate narratives when it comes to balancing family time against work time is that of what some people consider to be a good provider.

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin

For these people in this position, they have reconciled their uneven work situation which is kept in the balance of career concerns versus time spent with their children. There is some justification in this, especially among those that grew up in a financially challenged environment themselves as they feel that the ability to enjoy certain finer things in life and in some cases a constant roof over their heads is worth the time spent focused on a career.

One key to this puzzle is to begin with a definition of what success in a career looks like to the individual. This requires some definition and evaluation of commitment going into a new job, a work evaluation or a new project. There are many ways to balance things out and in most cases all it takes is a simple prioritization of work principles to get a good picture of what it will take to balance out the priorities in life with those of the career. Is a task that can be truly challenging and for Connor Baldwin, it was never a question for him to consider that his family was as important as his career. He has always balanced both of these throughout his life.

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Through the course of mankind or been many ways for mobility and the purposes it brings. Many times there have been expeditions led across various uncharted territories and wilderness. There always was a fascination by mankind to enjoy the unknowns of the wilderness around the world. In modern times or have been great expeditions let across some of the most incredible natural landscapes imaginable. It is without a doubt these terrains were conquered by travelers and expeditionaries that had a great knowledge and skill to carry out their voyages. Hiking is a great form of relaxation as well; there is nothing better than having a scenic view of what many don’t get to see every day. Many things can be encountered in the wild such as vegetation, birds and animals of all sorts. There are also spoils to going into hiking trips. Many people have a great time collecting artifacts from hiking trips along the many trails around the world. Sometimes these artifacts are ancient and have a value both personal and financially. There are many things that hiking enthusiasts do need to be aware of and careful with. There is always the opportunity to view the wild without any guidance other than your own. There are occasions where the weather can become unpredictable stranding people in very dangerous conditions. Connor Baldwin is an advanced hiking expert that can lead small groups of people into some incredible trails. He offers his services whenever needed or recommends people in his Mountain sports business to help guide.

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin

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