Connor Baldwin: How to Start Hiking

26 May

Connor Baldwin is a diverse professional who lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. When he has free time, he enjoys hiking nearby trails and being near the outdoors.

If you’d like to become an outdoors enthusiast like Connor Baldwin, hiking is a good place to begin. Tips like those below will help you start your new hobby:

  • Start Small. Hiking doesn’t need to be intense, especially for a beginner. A thirty-minute hike up the beginning of a nearby trail can provide many of the same benefits with less risk. Look around, find a trailhead and walk, if even for just a quarter of a mile.

Small hikes are ideal for beginners, as you won’t need to invest in special gear to walk thirty minutes from the beginning of an easy trailhead.

  • Find a Group. Look for nearby beginner’s hiking groups to start exploring the hobby with support. Not only will you make new friends, but you don’t have to worry as much when you’re hiking with other people.
  • Take a Survival Class. Though hiking can be fun, easy and inexpensive, it can also be dangerous. Any time you are in the wilderness alone, you are facing challenges and dangers that are not present in your daily life.

Taking a local survival class for beginners will give you the skills that you need to survive, should anything happen. Knowing how to build a fire, find shelter, locate food and get home safely is a must if you wish to hike often.

If you start small, hike with other beginners and learn the skills that you need to survive in an emergency situation, you can create a solid foundation for a life of hiking. You’ll be scaling mountains and keeping up with seasoned outdoor enthusiasts like Connor Baldwin soon enough.

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