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Wildlife Native to Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, British Columbia is home to a large variety of wildlife. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting wildlife that are native to this Canadian province.

Connor BaldwinThe Kermode Bear – known for its white fur, this bear is actually a species of black bear. The white fur is caused by a recessive gene, similar to the one that causes blue eyes in humans. These bears only reside in the temperate rainforests off the coast of British Columbia in Canada. Like black bears, they hibernate during the winter. They also shed their thick white fur each spring. Their diet consists of plants, berries, and the salmon that are plentiful in the streams around their habitat.

The Canada Lynx – these interesting cats look like a large housecat on stilts. They have broad faces, long legs, and fur that resembles a beard. They have broad, flat paws that are well-adapted to walking in the snowy areas in which they reside. They are normally found in forested areas all across Canada. They are very territorial and the males are often only seen among other lynxes during mating season. Not swift runners, they mostly hunt at night and use stealth to catch their prey. That have natural predators, but their biggest threat is from trappers who prize the cats for their fur.

The Wolverine – wolverines are not actually related to wolves at all. Their closest relatives are weasels. They have tiny eyes and short round ears and a small round face. Though small, these creatures have powerful jaws and claws that they use for hunting and scaring away predators. They live in remote tundra regions and forests, preferring to stay secluded. Opportunistic eaters, they will hunt mammals as small as mice to as big as caribou. Often, instead of hunting, they will try to scare away larger predators like bears in order to score a meal.

Connor Baldwin lives in Vancouver, BC where he takes an active interest in the native wildlife of the area. He works in public relations for a mountain sports firm

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Differences Between Mountaineering and Rock Climbing

To the inexperienced, the difference between rock climbing and mountaineering might seem murky at best. After all isn’t climbing a mountain just another form of rock climbing. The difference between the two is important for practitioners of these two disciplines, however. Here is a quick highlight of some of the key differences between rock climbing and mountaineering.

Connor BaldwinRock climbing has seen a rise in popularity as a means of staying fit and having fun. Many outdoor areas are starting to include maintained rock climbing areas as part of their attractions. In addition, many cities have started to spring rock-climbing gyms, giving rise to an entire division of the sport only practiced indoors. With so many different ways to practice this popular sport, it is no wonder that so many are starting to pick it up as a means of recreation.

Mountaineering, on the other hand, is a much broader discipline that explores a much wider range of skills. In general, any activity that takes place on a mountain is a form of mountaineering. This includes mountain biking, rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, and hiking as well as the specific practice of mountaineering. As far as the specific sport of mountaineering, this is the practice of scaling or summiting the peak of a mountain or mountain range. This includes wide-ranging skills from rock climbing, orienteering, survival skills, endurance, and ice climbing.

Connor Baldwin is a public relations agent with an interest in mountain sports and mountaineering in and around the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Development of Freeride Mountain Biking

Freeride mountain biking is a discipline of mountain biking that has seen an upsurge in popularity in practitioners of the sport. It is closely related to the art of downhill mountain biking, where the goal is to make it down a section or hill as quickly as possible. In freeride, the goal is to make it through the course or section in the most stylish or technical way possible. In this way, it is comparable to other sports that include a freestyle subdivision, such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and skiing.

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin

Freeride mountain biking has become a popular form of mountain biking all across the world, but it is recognized to have developed in Vancouver’s North Shore region of mountainous areas. The three mountains commonly associated with this type of riding are Mt. Seymour, Mt. Fromme, and Cypress Mountain. These areas are also popular skiing resorts in the winter months. The addition of man-made obstacles, which is unique to freeriding, began on these mountains. Some of these ski resorts have even started to equip their lifts with bike racks to better accommodate mountain bikers.

Although downhill riding and freeriding share many similarities of form, there are several key differences. The goal of downhill riding is purely functional, to get down the hill and past the obstacles as quickly as possible. Attaining this goal requires the skill to overcome many technical obstacles, drops, and sometimes man-made roadblocks. In freeriding, you find similar obstacles to downhill riding, but the goals is to be as stylish as possible as well as to just get past the obstacles, by doing tricks and adopting varied stances on the bike while in the air.

Connor Baldwin is a mountain bike enthusiast who enjoys heading out to the trails around his hometown of Vancouver, BC.

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