Unwanted Population Growth in Vancouver

Vancouver, BC is a beautiful city ringed by mountains and rainforests, bordered by beaches right on the Pacific Ocean, and filled with modern architecture. The population of this popular city is expected to grow by 30,000 people a year or by 1.2 million people by 2041. The only problem is, most of the city’s residents dont want it to grow.

Connor BaldwinAccording to a recent poll by the Canadian Association for Canadian Studies, 93% of Vancouverites feel that their city is either too big already or just the right size. This could be a problem as there are no restrictions on where new immigrants can live in Canada, so most of them move to the big cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Vancouver already has a very dense population, with over 65% of the city dedicated to residential housing. New development is projected to add capacity for about 250,000 new residents, far less than how many are projected to move there.

Another issue is housing costs. Already living costs are comparable to large cities like New York City and London. With the upsurge in immigration surpassing new development, those costs are sure to rise. It is understandable, then, why so many residents of this large metro area are reluctant to welcome new residents. The only issue now is if the government of Canada will listen to these concerns and act accordingly or continue to let new people in unrestricted.

Connor Baldwin is a resident of Vancouver who works for a mountain sports firm in public relations. He loves to discover the natural beauty of his home province of British Columbia.


About Connor Baldwin

Ever since he was in elementary school, Connor Baldwin was a physically active individual. He tried out numerous sports, including football, and arguably his favorite, lacrosse. In addition to these leisure activities, he became an avid skier, exploring some of the most exquisite skiing locations that Colorado has to offer. Being physically active and pursuing different sports became a very important part of his personality.
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