Wildlife Native to Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, British Columbia is home to a large variety of wildlife. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting wildlife that are native to this Canadian province.

Connor BaldwinThe Kermode Bear – known for its white fur, this bear is actually a species of black bear. The white fur is caused by a recessive gene, similar to the one that causes blue eyes in humans. These bears only reside in the temperate rainforests off the coast of British Columbia in Canada. Like black bears, they hibernate during the winter. They also shed their thick white fur each spring. Their diet consists of plants, berries, and the salmon that are plentiful in the streams around their habitat.

The Canada Lynx – these interesting cats look like a large housecat on stilts. They have broad faces, long legs, and fur that resembles a beard. They have broad, flat paws that are well-adapted to walking in the snowy areas in which they reside. They are normally found in forested areas all across Canada. They are very territorial and the males are often only seen among other lynxes during mating season. Not swift runners, they mostly hunt at night and use stealth to catch their prey. That have natural predators, but their biggest threat is from trappers who prize the cats for their fur.

The Wolverine – wolverines are not actually related to wolves at all. Their closest relatives are weasels. They have tiny eyes and short round ears and a small round face. Though small, these creatures have powerful jaws and claws that they use for hunting and scaring away predators. They live in remote tundra regions and forests, preferring to stay secluded. Opportunistic eaters, they will hunt mammals as small as mice to as big as caribou. Often, instead of hunting, they will try to scare away larger predators like bears in order to score a meal.

Connor Baldwin lives in Vancouver, BC where he takes an active interest in the native wildlife of the area. He works in public relations for a mountain sports firm


About Connor Baldwin

Ever since he was in elementary school, Connor Baldwin was a physically active individual. He tried out numerous sports, including football, and arguably his favorite, lacrosse. In addition to these leisure activities, he became an avid skier, exploring some of the most exquisite skiing locations that Colorado has to offer. Being physically active and pursuing different sports became a very important part of his personality.
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