Connor Baldwin – Family Time is the Best Time

Busy professionals might find a bit of a challenge in balancing their personal time with their families along with their professional careers. It is an ideal situation that is elusive to many, but one thing that is undoubtedly true is the ability to make choices that will allow individual to stay connected to their community, family and work situations at the same time. One of the unfortunate narratives when it comes to balancing family time against work time is that of what some people consider to be a good provider.

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin

For these people in this position, they have reconciled their uneven work situation which is kept in the balance of career concerns versus time spent with their children. There is some justification in this, especially among those that grew up in a financially challenged environment themselves as they feel that the ability to enjoy certain finer things in life and in some cases a constant roof over their heads is worth the time spent focused on a career.

One key to this puzzle is to begin with a definition of what success in a career looks like to the individual. This requires some definition and evaluation of commitment going into a new job, a work evaluation or a new project. There are many ways to balance things out and in most cases all it takes is a simple prioritization of work principles to get a good picture of what it will take to balance out the priorities in life with those of the career. Is a task that can be truly challenging and for Connor Baldwin, it was never a question for him to consider that his family was as important as his career. He has always balanced both of these throughout his life.


About Connor Baldwin

Ever since he was in elementary school, Connor Baldwin was a physically active individual. He tried out numerous sports, including football, and arguably his favorite, lacrosse. In addition to these leisure activities, he became an avid skier, exploring some of the most exquisite skiing locations that Colorado has to offer. Being physically active and pursuing different sports became a very important part of his personality.
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